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    Sponsored by: Imprivata  | Premiered: Apr 22, 2014

    This webcast, hosted by Ed Ricks, CIO of Beaufort Memorial Hospital, explains the compliance concerns with clinician text messaging, and shares Beaufort's experience implementing a secure, compliant solution that was able to reduce time wasted using communication technologies.

  • HIPAA Compliance Statement

    Sponsored by: TigerText, Inc.  | Premiered: Apr 14, 2014

    This white paper presents a simple, secure mobile platform that enables your healthcare facility with text messaging capabilities that remain in compliance with HIPAA.

  • Iron Mountain: Healthcare Talks Video Series

    Sponsored by: Iron Mountain  | Premiered: Mar 21, 2014

    Access the Healthcare Talks Video Series that features 29 brief videos touching on the evolution of health information management (HIM), managing the healthcare data explosion, the transition to electronic health records (EHRs), and much more.

  • Kaiser Permanente Physicians go Mobile using Nuance Technology

    Sponsored by: Nuance  | Premiered: Mar 20, 2014

    This video talks about Dragon Medical Mobile Recorder and the results of a pilot study at Kaiser Permanente NW. Despite limited testing, the software has become incredibly popular with many more doctors asking to use it.

  • Quality reports and accelerated turnaround time at Multicare

    Sponsored by: Nuance  | Premiered: Mar 10, 2014

    This brief video addresses a solution to quickly get voice to text and spin it around almost instantaneously to send to the next level of care so that the patient's records, physician's notes, and other important information transferred successfully.

  • Speech Recognition for EHR Meaningful Use

    Sponsored by: Nuance  | Premiered: Mar 10, 2014

    This brief video shows how one medical organization was able to utilize a solution that blends point-and-click together with a review of systems, physical exams, reason for visit, and more to get the most out of their electronic health records.

  • How Kearney Clinic Physicians Use Mobile Diction at the Point of Care

    Sponsored by: Nuance  | Premiered: Mar 6, 2014

    View this webcast to see how Kearney Clinic improved patient care by implementing a mobile solution to gain better access to data from any point within the facility.

  • Locala Community Partnerships Boosts Healthcare Services with the Cloud

    Sponsored by: Dell, Inc.  | Premiered: Mar 1, 2014

    View this webcast to see how Locala Community Partnerships fared after implementing the cloud and laptop usage in efforts to improve patient care and create more efficient workflows.

  • Centricity Cardiovascular Tour

    Sponsored by: GE  | Premiered: Feb 4, 2014

    This webcast highlights a web-based cardiovascular IT system that provides clinicians with access to patient records across the organization to enhance workflows.

  • Centricity Cardio Enterprise Interactive Demo

    Sponsored by: GE  | Premiered: Feb 4, 2014

    View this interactive demo of a cardiovascular enterprise solution to see how your healthcare facility could benefit from an integrated IT solution.

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